The Beginning

The Covenant Church of the Resurrection was establish in Washington D.C. March of 2008, as the Rev. James Cunningham with over 35 years of Pastoral leadership, was met with great persistence and perseverance from Min. Anthony Martin at that time of knowing such powerful history of him. Once knowing of Rev. James Cunningham great leadership the seed for a church establishment was planted. That seed has been watered well “the bible says one plants…the other waters and…God gives the increase”. Two- years later on April 19 2010 the Covenant Church of the Resurrection, Inc was registered in Washington D.C. As an ordained Pastor for over 35 years Rev. Cunningham ordained Min. Anthony Martin as Assistant Pastor. During a 10yr time of his life Rev. Anthony Martin became a community activist performing many volunteering duties in ministry to change many of our youth and adults way of thinking. Performing many of my activity in our local recreations, social organizations and the ministry duties in the field of “Carolina Missionary Baptist, Manifest Sons of God Ministries and Cornerstone Church of God in Christ as a servant of God. In 1996 Rev. Anthony Martin attended and completed Samuel Kelsey Bible Institute for a Bachelors Degree (Master Teachers Studies). Rev. Anthony Martin began the ministry in which God gave him: All Saints Christian Fellowship and Development Ministries that led him back to the fields of labor under Gods direction to uphold his word and to bring souls to Christ. Vision came in the fall of 2008 to bring forth GM Interprise Inc., a non-profit organization to carry out his late great beautiful mothers( Gwendolyn Martin, named of organization) ways and means of being a humbled and powerful servant to the community. He spent much of his life bringing 10 + years business and leadership experience, as a Community Organizer, Community Outreach Coordinator, Motivational Speaker/Teacher, Family Support Worker, ordained Pastor, Founder GM Interprise, Inc., President of GM Interprise, LLC., Certified Fatherhood Initiative Facilitator of “The Quenching the Father Thirst Program” and “Safe Haven”, organized fundraisers and coordinated programs which led to a larger Assignment to began writing the books “The Battle of the Culture” and “The Kingdom Culture that are available on the market today. Rev. Anthony Martin moved forward to establish his evangelistic ministry “The Kingdom Culture Fellowship Ministries” which enables him to carry out GODS word effectively in a much needed effort to maintain The Kingdom Culture.

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