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Gods Kingdom Community BookTKCFM-Front Cover of book Don't Give That Beast The Advantage  TKCFM~Front Cover~Im Not A Boyfriend Im A Husband  tkcfm-book-interior-the-unusual-suspect-front-cover1   TKCFM-Front Cover-The Kingdom Woman ~ Serve a Woman's Hunger  TKCFM-Front Cover-The Kingdom Man ~ Fulfill A Man's Thirst  TKCFM-Front Cover of - Man's 24 Hour A Day Service To GOD    TKCFM-Front Cover-THE TRUE IMAGE OF CHRIST  TKCFM-Front Cover-My Blood Cries Out-Printed Edition   The other side of Midnite

KCFM-Front Book Cover-The Descendants of Ishmael    TKCFM-Front-Cover-Save The Family-2      TKCFM-Front Cover-Sexual Healing In The Confines of Marriage     TKCFM~ Front Cover~THE INSIGHT-XXX-ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION   TKCFM~ Front Cover~THE INSIGHT-XXX-DESPENSATIONAL TRUTH


These eBooks Available on 03/01/2016                                                “The Kingdom Woman” ~ Serve A Woman’s Hunger                                                            “The Kingdom Man” ~ Fulfill A Man’s Thirst                                                                                  “The True Image of Christ” ~ Hair Like Wool ~ Skin Like Bronze or The Blood On The Cross

These Books(paperback) & eBooks Available now on and                                                                                  “Man’s 24 Hour a Day Service To GOD” ~ The Divine Order                                                      “The Descendants of Ishmael” ~ A Religion of Righteousness or A Martyrs Death Squad “Save The Family” ~ The Heterosexual and The Homosexual                                         “Stop Killing Me Black Man” ~ Black On Black Death & Destruction                                    “Don’t Give the Beast The Advantage”~Those Who Have An Ear Let Them Hear…etc

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