When GOD puts you on an assignment you have two choices…to step in that assignment or refuse it and step out of that assignment. If you step in that assignment your inheritance is “Eternal Life” but if you refuse it and step out your loss of life is greater. For years I fought to know my passion…my purpose…for years I struggle with my true position in Christ and now I fully know and understand where I belong. It’s time to teach…it’s time to take the torch pass to me by powerful men before me…such as Dr. Myles Munroe….Dr. Tony Evans and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. These great Men of GOD has done their part in making an impact in the world. It’s my duty to take up the mantle and continue where Dr. Myles Munroe has left off and Dr. Tony Evans & Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan has come into a great age of wisdom and at a point of much needed rest. I am here to teach…I am here to educate…I am here to tear down…I am here to build up…I am here to encourage…I am here to show love but over all with these 25 books in the four corners of the earth givin to me by “The Almighty GOD Himself”……….displayed upon Amazon ……..Barnes & Nobles etc…I AM HERE TO REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD…..Pay Attention to this storm of Knowledge…Understanding and Wisdom changing this game of false teaching…hypocrisy…prosperity…filthy lucre and living a LIE…..How You Like Me Now!!!!