Trump pitches black voters

Speaking in Dimondale, Michigan — a predominantly 93% white suburb of Lansing — Trump lamented the collapse of American manufacturing and criticized free trade deals as he laced into Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, saying they are taking black voters for granted.”You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump asked the audience in an unscripted moment from a speech in which he otherwise stuck to his teleprompter.

Trump has cited the 58% statistic before, a figure likely extrapolated from the employment-population ratio, which shows that 42.7% of blacks ages 16 to 24 had a job in July. But that doesn’t mean that those without a job are necessarily looking for one, so a CNN, found Trump’s claim to be true, but misleading.

Trump — speaking to an overwhelmingly white audience that featured only a smattering of African-Americans and other minorities — also promised that were he to run for re-election at the end of his first term, he would win 95% of the black vote.

Now it is said the black community is the mamies of the nation everyone is sucking the milk out our breast including us. There is a reason that here in America we have different ethnic groups, diversity if you will. The Chinese- American is deemed so cause they have a country behind them called China, White-America is deemed so because they to have a country behind them it’s called Europe, Jewish-American is deemed so because they to have a nation behind them it’s called Israel.

But here in America the 15th Greatest Nation in the world with a 1.2 trillion dollar economic leverage being called out by a Republican Nominee to join his nation…his country if you will, by simply giving him your vote to become President of these here United States of America…Why?…What is he actually saying?…He is calling out a nation of people who do not have a country behind its name.

African-American means what…A Nation of Power….or…..A Nation of People. Deemed the 15th Greatest Nation by what standard….1.2 Trillion dollar spending power…the ability to spend your money with everyone and purchase all products in the world. A 1.2 Trillion dollar spending power that should translate into buying power, but unfortunately we have no financial Institution to properly manage the 1.2 trillion dollars. We have no black CPA’s that would properly mange the 1.2 Trillion dollars to transition the spending power into GNP buying power…above all who are we “A Nation of Power, A Nation of People or A People without a Nation. Is why it is so easy for Donald Trump to come along and call on “A PEOPLE WITH NO COUNTRY BEHIND IT?

So Donald Trump asked “What the hell do we have to lose” well for such a dangerous question..there has to be a dangerous answer…”WE WILL LOSE THE 15TH GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD…US”…JUST A THOUGHT!!!!

~ Rev. Anthony Martin ~