The Difference of The Man and The Woman

Based on these biologically explained differences, some psychological distinctions between men and women can be established:

    • Men grasp a situation as a whole and think globally, while women think locally, relying on details and nuances.
    • Men are builders and creators. They take risks and experiment, while women select the most valuable knowledge and pass it over to the next generation.
    • Men are more independent in their thoughts and actions, while women are more willing to follow the ideas suggested by others.
    • Women’s self-appraisal is lower than that of men. Women tend to criticize themselves, while men are more satisfied with their own performance.
    • Men and women have different sources of satisfaction. For men it’s career and prosperity, while women value family and kids.
    • Men have are dominate their need to fulfill their goals, and women rank relationships with others first.
    • Men get sick as often as women, although women tend to be more concerned about their health.
    • Women endure pain and being less interested work better than men.
    • Both man and woman use 10% of their brain in every process of things. Some that use 12 % percent no matter how small it seems, are partially programmed to a genius behavior and their way of thinking is remarkable.
    • Men say the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes, and women say the first thing they notice about men is they’re dress code, hands or feet.
    • All w peak about finding a husband and never recognize him when he comes.
    • Ask a woman how she stubbed her toe and she’ll say she walked into a chair, asks a man and he’ll say someone left a chair in the middle of the room.
    • Women mature quicker than men.
    • The woman phones home, the man phoned his boy.
    • The man carries human life in his sperm; the woman carries a baby in her womb.
    • Men process things by way of their thinking women begin their processing by listening.
    • Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and a dog is man’s best friend.
    • Man has his will, but a woman has her way.
    • A man is as he has he thinks, and a woman is as she feels.
    • A man thinks what he knows, but a woman
    • feels she’s knows what’s best.
    • A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
      A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need.
    • A man got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he chooses not to do.
    • A man’s idea of helping with the housework is lifting his legs so the woman can vacuum.
    • Men always want to be a woman’s first love; women like to be a man’s only love.
    • Men are taught to apologize for their wrong; women are trained to apologize for their mouth.
    • Men define a 50-50 relationship as you cook/I eat; you clean/I make messes; you iron/I wrinkle; etc.
    • Men forget everything, women remember everything.
    • MEN need signs…WOMEN work ALL the time!
    • Men play the game, women know the score.
    • Woman says, “He doesn’t listen”, Men says, “She get on my nerves.”
    • Women relate well in a shopping environment, men just want roll out of the shopping environment.
    • To be happy with a man, you must understand him a little and love him a lot.
      To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.
    • What Women Want: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted, and sometimes, just to be held. What Men Want: something to eat, the remote, a chair to fall asleep in, a rub on the head and a wife that still gives lots of loving after 5 years of marriage.
    • What’s the difference between a girlfriend and wife?
      45 pounds
    • What’s the difference between a boyfriend and husband?
      45 minutes
    • When men and women agree, it is only after shopping and sex conclusions; their reasons are always different.
    • Wife: I hate seeing all those rear ends in the jeans commercials.
      Husband: I guess they want you to see the labels.
      Wife: Well, why don’t they put the labels on the knees?
      Husband: who want to see your childhood scars?
    • A woman marries a man expecting he will change his sex drive; a man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change how many times they have sex.
    • A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need.
      A man wants every woman to satisfy his one need.
    • A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s–she changes it more often!
    • Women always worry about the things that men forget; men always worry about the things women remember.
    • Women may be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake how he really feels.
    • Women speak out of emotion, men speak when spoken too.
    • Women love to put on a fine dress; men can’t wait to take of that tight suit.”
    • Woman love to speak to the man in charge, men love to be in charge of the woman.



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