Today is the day when we look into the things of womanhood and the role of woman in the Kingdom of God. As you know very well the roles of man and woman overlap considerably but there are obvious distinctive roles for Woman to play, not least in giving birth to the ideas and desires of men. God wants us to recognize that without woman very few of the desires of men would come to fruition. Take for example the act of childbirth. Man may desire a son as much as he likes but without the cooperation of WOMAN his desires would come to naught.

It is by design that woman is a suitable helper to man – suitable in so far as it is in conjunction with her that ALL the hopes and ambitions, longings, desires of a man’s heart are fulfilled. Even for the bachelor, it is with the contribution of woman that fulfillment comes. With the celibacy of the Catholic priesthood it is the veneration of Mary. Why is she so important? Because she adds the element of Woman to the Priesthood of the Church. Mankind is dependent upon Woman for all that is ever accomplished. Now, when Woman takes the place of man that is when troubles begin. Homosexuality is a usurping of manhood by woman and therefore to be abhorred.

It is the same for every other element of living. Wherever Woman takes over from man, distortion of truth follows, misdirection takes place and the world falls farther away from God. But, where Woman keeps to her role, she is instrumental in bringing into being the needs and fulfillment of the Kingdom of God. Now, you recall that a number of women accompanied Jesus taking care of His needs. This is more significant than might appear.

The needs of Jesus are measured according to heaven and not the earth, but it is through the contribution of the women to the group that enabled Jesus to perform the miracles and the ministry that He did. The contribution the women made was invaluable to Him in keeping the balance of Man and Woman in the things of God. For the man of God the spiritual strength of the women is a particular asset. When ladies are allowed to minister and the Holy Spirit moves it is because of the mutual acceptance of the roles of man and woman. You see, without the man of God they can do nothing, and without their help the man’s ministry is unfulfilled.

When we as a family resided at Fountain Springs, it was the supplementary role of womanhood that enabled the house to function so well. Without me, Anthony, the house would not have been, but without the women involved it would surely have failed to materialize. And so we say that the role of Woman is ESSENTIAL to the fulfillment of God’s PROMISE to grant you the desires of your heart within His Kingdom. Why should anyone appreciate the company of women? – Because of the essential nature of their role in the Kingdom of God. Women are NOT second class people. They are not OBJECTS for desire and lust. They are essential elements of the Kingdom of God and essential for man to be of worth in the economy of heaven. Solomon went too far. He fell into overload and the number of women swamped his manhood to the degree that the leadership left him and fell to the women who worshiped other gods.

The PRIESTESS element of woman took over and caused the downfall of the kingdom, as their service was not unto man but unto the demon gods of their personal religions. You see, women are a SUITABLE HELPER, not driver. Now, the time always comes when other women seek to influence men of God in the way in which they should go – as Solomon found. But any such influence MUST be in line with the call of the Man of God. Does such influence further your desire to follow your call or lead away from it? You see, the MAN OF GOD MUST always be in control, that is the lot of man, but without the help of woman you have very little indeed. Now, one final thought.

When woman takes the PLACE of man, it carries consequences of its own, as Deborah told the people. But, it is always POSSIBLE for God to use a woman because no man can be found who is up to the task. Such is the demonstration of history that women have been the saving grace in many situations, and the power of women ebbs and flows with the seasons, as does the power of man, but essentially Woman is the helpmeet, the empowered, the adornment of Glory and the inspiration for much of life. You see, without woman you cannot exist. The power of WOMAN is the source of much of what is. The Kingdom of Heaven is empowered by women among men, just as the HOLY SPIRIT empowers the WORD OF GOD. Now, this is not to say that the Holy Spirit is female, far from it, but that the role given to woman is akin to that of the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is said that behind every successful man is a good woman. This is very true, especially in the Kingdom of GOD. Heed your call and heed the help of the women who assist you, especially those with whom you are one.

“A Wife’s Submission Does Not Come By Way of Ruling With An Iron fist, A Wife’s Submission Comes By Way of Ruling With Love

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~ Rev. Anthony Martin ~