Don’t define yourself by your past. Define yourself by your possibilities.
That version of you that now matters is the version of you going forward. See your life in those terms, from this perspective:


“In the dream, a track and field athlete was lying in his coffin, clutching a baton. After he awoke, Dr. Munroe said he understood the message of the dream:

“It was about people dying with a baton instead of passing it on,” Dr. Munroe said. “I was thinking, the young person who’s supposed to lead next has to go to the casket, pry the baton out of the dead man’s hand just to take it to the next leg.”

“Great leaders pass [the baton] on before they die, and they live to see the other person run”. Hopefully, we will get to see that in the Bahamas.” (unquote)

You can just walk away from the obligations you’ve incurred, or you absolutely can choose to honor those obligations by going above and beyond them.
No matter what the past has been, Today I choose to go to the casket. Today I choose to pry that baton, capable, motivated and in position to make a positive difference in the same way.

Today from the asleep man’s hands, I pry that baton and I am that “Young Person”, Dr. Myles spoke, to whom is to lead and take it to the next leg, Today I choose to dive into the fulfillment of Dr. Myles & Ruth Munroe, family, the Bahamas and the World to SEE!

— Rev. Anthony Martin —

Myles Munroe