Choose to be Black Man

If you think of yourself to be a murderer, than you think right. Any man who hates his brother GOD says is a murderer. No matter what has brought you to where you are it is up to you to choose to be. Has any principle powers beyond your control force you not to be or held you up? Absolutely so! Do you know how to move forward from such powers to be? Do you want to move forward from such a strong hold?

 Though others may be to blame for who you’ve  become, you are accountable. Though you may have many reasons to feel pity for yourself, it will not add one day to your life. If you see yourself as a victim, it is because you have chosen to be a victim.

 Is that hardcore and no love? Then focus on this. There are many who have suffered much more than you, who have chosen not to be a victim, who has chosen instead to live life as it should be. You can choose to be accountable and by doing so you can choose to be Black Man.


 Rev. Anthony Martin—