In the early 60’s black life experience the trial of segregated racism, the manner of one being told he or she can’t eat or drink from a certain restaurant or water fountain. Let alone live in a particular neighborhood that would create a much more stabled lifestyle. This was our civil rights era where many black lives were lost simply for the sake of being declared “HUMAN”. Some of our greatest black leaders were cut down like hogs in the bush, great leaders such Medgar Evers, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr. and more. That Civil Rights era brought about some change in the community, change of opportunity, the opportunity of the 70’s. The 70’s brought about the retirement stage in which the baby boomers of today took sharp advantage of, being able to retire and become the human being that the civil rights dispensation so much had to die for. An era that brought more love songs of despair, pain and having to defeat the mind set of racism that became a stronghold in many black family lives and sought to destroy the will power of knowing who they are in GOD. And that was the 70’s. The 80’s came in roaring with get down happy times of jubilee of dance hall music, where the black community began the hustleman trade of drugs and alcohol which became the black man’s choice of a stress reliever, along with his entrepreneur skills in selling drugs. In other words another level of opportunity came with the excitement of that jubilee era the “Drug Dealer” which emerged stronger than ever before. The choice of drug for the 80’s went from powder cocaine and weed , to free base cocaine, to crack cocaine, all drug levels of drug life that led to the black families demise. So as the 90’s and the 2000’s rolled in the choice to which the black family had to face was the death and destruction of loves one’s at a rate the even the city and state government could not keep up to this day with the count of black bodies piling up in its morgues. Mainly young black men who have either lost their identity or never gain one from the beginning, being cut down in the city and state streets of America just like those of the segregated civil rights era. The fundamental question of today is not how many black men are dead today, the fundamental question is how many black men has to continue to die at a rate that you would take a bottle of “Raid Roach Spray” and catch a 100 roaches in a corner, began to spray them and watch them run for their lives only to find yourself sweeping up bodies of roaches off the floor to dump them in the trash. Just like the Greeks did when they would dump their trash in what is called “Gehenna” a place to burn up garbage. The same kind of place that resembles the Lake of Fire, where the bibles says it best in: Matt, 10:28…Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. We just don’t get it, when do you stop fussing, stop cussing, stop drugging, stop drinking, stop smoking, stop fighting, stop stabbing, stop shooting, stop dying, “STOP KILLING ME BLACK MAN”.