When GOD puts you on an assignment you have two choices…to step in that assignment or refuse it and step out of that assignment. If you step in that assignment your inheritance is “Eternal Life” but if you refuse it and step out your loss of life is greater. For years I fought to know my passion…my purpose…for years I struggle with my true position in Christ and now I fully know and understand where I belong. It’s time to teach…it’s time to take the torch pass to me by powerful men before me…such as Dr. Myles Munroe….Dr. Tony Evans and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. These great Men of GOD has done their part in making an impact in the world. It’s my duty to take up the mantle and continue where Dr. Myles Munroe has left off and Dr. Tony Evans & Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan has come into a great age of wisdom and at a point of much needed rest. I am here to teach…I am here to educate…I am here to tear down…I am here to build up…I am here to encourage…I am here to show love but over all with these 25 books in the four corners of the earth givin to me by “The Almighty GOD Himself”……….displayed upon Amazon ……..Barnes & Nobles etc…I AM HERE TO REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD…..Pay Attention to this storm of Knowledge…Understanding and Wisdom changing this game of false teaching…hypocrisy…prosperity…filthy lucre and living a LIE…..How You Like Me Now!!!!



Trump pitches black voters

Speaking in Dimondale, Michigan — a predominantly 93% white suburb of Lansing — Trump lamented the collapse of American manufacturing and criticized free trade deals as he laced into Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, saying they are taking black voters for granted.”You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump asked the audience in an unscripted moment from a speech in which he otherwise stuck to his teleprompter.

Trump has cited the 58% statistic before, a figure likely extrapolated from the employment-population ratio, which shows that 42.7% of blacks ages 16 to 24 had a job in July. But that doesn’t mean that those without a job are necessarily looking for one, so a CNN, found Trump’s claim to be true, but misleading.

Trump — speaking to an overwhelmingly white audience that featured only a smattering of African-Americans and other minorities — also promised that were he to run for re-election at the end of his first term, he would win 95% of the black vote.

Now it is said the black community is the mamies of the nation everyone is sucking the milk out our breast including us. There is a reason that here in America we have different ethnic groups, diversity if you will. The Chinese- American is deemed so cause they have a country behind them called China, White-America is deemed so because they to have a country behind them it’s called Europe, Jewish-American is deemed so because they to have a nation behind them it’s called Israel.

But here in America the 15th Greatest Nation in the world with a 1.2 trillion dollar economic leverage being called out by a Republican Nominee to join his nation…his country if you will, by simply giving him your vote to become President of these here United States of America…Why?…What is he actually saying?…He is calling out a nation of people who do not have a country behind its name.

African-American means what…A Nation of Power….or…..A Nation of People. Deemed the 15th Greatest Nation by what standard….1.2 Trillion dollar spending power…the ability to spend your money with everyone and purchase all products in the world. A 1.2 Trillion dollar spending power that should translate into buying power, but unfortunately we have no financial Institution to properly manage the 1.2 trillion dollars. We have no black CPA’s that would properly mange the 1.2 Trillion dollars to transition the spending power into GNP buying power…above all who are we “A Nation of Power, A Nation of People or A People without a Nation. Is why it is so easy for Donald Trump to come along and call on “A PEOPLE WITH NO COUNTRY BEHIND IT?

So Donald Trump asked “What the hell do we have to lose” well for such a dangerous question..there has to be a dangerous answer…”WE WILL LOSE THE 15TH GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD…US”…JUST A THOUGHT!!!!

~ Rev. Anthony Martin ~



Sheriff David Clarke: Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots

“The Milwaukee riots should be the last time the policies of liberal Democrats are held up as anything other than misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist manipulation of the urban populations. Unfortunately they won’t.

As Sheriff of Milwaukee County, I am furious that the progressive left has put my citizens in harm’s way and that I had to send my officers into cauldrons of anarchy and hatred that were created by the left.

As an elected public servant I am livid that Milwaukee’s pathetic, kowtowing city officials and aldermen take this opportunity to abandon their citizens and preen before the Black Lives Matter-enabling media.”

Here we have a continued history of token black public officials being a forefront spokesman for the good ol boy network. A black man that continues to be a fox news surrogate, speaking to the demise of the black community, adding to the demise of the black community and over all given a powerful voice that this good ol boy network, loves to have in their corner day in and day out.

In this long death-defying history we in the black community still live in, there is always one who seem to manage a driven narrative to satisfy the emotionally driven good ol boy networks attitude towards the black community that’s been burning in them through out the existence of history.

Time after time we are faced with some “Token Black Man” that carries out some form of set back of a thousand years of time. This token style kind of black man does more damage to the black community that black on black crime. This token style black man spoken words are more damaging to the black community than the words of the KLU KLUX KLAN themselves.

This token style black man is the real cause and affect that burns in the hearts and minds of our low income black communities across this nation. To awaken day in and day out and view such a black man standing on national TV speaking in a poisonous, no empathy, no sympathy, no respect, no honor of the black community good values, power and authority that exist.

The Black race is 13% in this country, the White race is 71%, the Latino race is 17% . But yet we the 13% is known as the 15th greatest nation in the world simply because of our 1.2 Trillion dollar spending power. As Dr. Boyce Watkins noted we need to harness that wealth.  He said that with over $1 trillion, one can buy: 1,000 NFL teams; 3,000 predominantly white universities; the annual budget of 1.4 million charter schools across the nation; pay the tuition at Howard University for 50 million students for an entire year; buy 854,000 community centers; purchase NBC, ESPN and CBS and still have $1 trillion left over.

What if we had discipline buying power to this magnitude that we could actually achieve such a purchase as powerful as it is laid out. What if we as a black community had this kind of a powerful position in this great nation that we built. WHAT IF???. It is this kind of a position that shut down all ill will token black men and women whom feel the need to stand with the good ol boy network and add to the demise of our black communities abroad.

What if only we can close the mouth of this kind of brother and sister from spitting out poison by simply becoming such a 1.2 Trillion dollar buying power house black community. “WHAT IF???”

~ Rev. Anthony Martin ~



The Black Man’s Societal Rules of Compliance

  1. Dress The Way You Want To Be Address (pants up not down beneath your tail, hair not looking like a you are in from the jungle, not skin looking like you came from the fiery furnace, but teeth like African ivory, skin like bronze, hair like lamb’s wool and standing like a “KING”)
  2. Speak Clear English (not slur or slang but educated)

   3. Carry Appropriate Identification (Govt. License or ID that identifies you when you are ask by Government authority to present)

   4.Exercise Humbled Communication (not hot head rhetoric or cursing,   emotionally charged outburst etc. Peace and Harmony, showing no threat)

  5.Stay completely still and Calm (not moving around suspiciously, not   moving when told by authority not move. “SIT STILL” OR “STAND STILL”)

  6. Have All Identification in Hand ( not scrambling to look for things well after the officer is in motion to approach you, be ready instantly to present Identification upon officers approach)

   7. Do Not Publicly Challenge Authority (not speaking out of turn, or questioning authority as if you are a lawyer, respond to all questions promptly, appropriately and educated to move the process along expeditiously and take it to a Judge by way of your lawyer)

  8. Be A Productive Black Man (kill the hustle mentality, stop drug sells, stop obsessive alcohol drinking, get off the corners and go on your porch or back yard. Don’t be lazy and wicked. Educated and Elevate your thinking into the business arena)

 9. Keep Company with those who add to you (not ones who are trouble, not ones who subtract from you, wisdom begets wisdom but a companion of fools leads to death)

 10. Know the Laws of your Environment ( there are laws for whites and laws for blacks, Black man you must be very familiar with these laws before you exit your place of rest every day for the rest of your “LIFE”)

 11. Be A Community Activist ( not trashing your community, not robbing your community, not killing your community but building your community, helping out the older woman and the older men, guiding the younger black boys and girls to be greater than ever before, respecting the black woman and set the stage for the black woman to respect the utter most powerful man on earth “THE BLACK MAN”)

 12. Be Governors of Your Community ( form a community watch team, not a gang of thugs and      criminals, turn your guns away from each other and use your brain against a racial profiling system that is used to justify the killing of Black Men, document and record all events in your community, “KNOW THE LAWS IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT” and use these laws against those who abuse the law especially “BAD COPS”)

 13. Change Your Way of Thinking ( Stop thinking like a slave, stop exercising slave mentality, stop living like animals in a cage, you are free “Black Man”, be free, get the chains off your neck, get the shackles off your feet, stop being dead weight to your home life, to your family. Lead with power and authority, let it be known and highly respected of your presence when you are seen and heard. “LET THE WISDOM AND THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE RULE BLACK MAN”

 14. Be The Foundation of Your Family (Stop standing on top of the roof adding weight to your home life, stand beneath your family holding up the home life carrying all the burden on your shoulders to show strength, to show headship, to show power, to show authority, not rule with an iron fist but rule with “LOVE”)

15. Be Smart ( there is a constant attack on your character, an attack on your integrity, an attack on your position of power by a weaker race, you must observe the wise operations of the white man and do likewise, he is smart, he is successful, he does not complain, you must do the same “BLACK MAN”)

 16. Never Travel Alone ( band together sensibly, document your whereabouts, do not travel in groups as a companion of fools but travel in pairs with educated sense, pants fitting properly, dress code up to par as you walk thru the community. If you are driving no foolishness behind the wheel, no looking suspicious in the car, know where you are going and get to your destination in a safe and secured manner. Do not drive with more than 2 to 3 persons in your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings “AT ALL TIMES”)

17. Don’t Be A Producer of Trouble ( where there is no trouble don’t produce trouble, “SIMPLE”)

 18. Don’t Give The Beast The Advantage ( There is a war that is raging inside all of us between two beast…one beast is cold and callous, wants to kill steal and destroy…the other beast is compassionate, loving, a producer of wealth for the life of a King. The question is which beast wins on a daily basis, the answer is simple, “THE BEAST YOU FEED”)

 19. Honor The Good, Hold The Bad Accountable ( If people show love then give love back, if people show anger do not respond with anger but respond with wisdom. Do not answer a fool according to their foolishness but answer a fool according what they deserve, to answer a fool according their foolishness you show the wise to be a fool and the fool to be the wise. When you answer according what they deserve, you show the fool just who they are….”A FOOL”)

 20. Be Healthy ( kill your drive and desire for drugs and alcohol, how can you operate in life burnt out on smoking weed every day all day, how can you think drunk out of your mind, smoking death and drinking death will result to “DEATH”. Bad Cops live to find you incoherent, they live to see you acting erratic, and they love to shout “HE GOT A GUN” and began the process of your demise. There are two kinds of certificates you will get in life, A Birth Certificate and A Death Certificate. GOD gave us 70 years to exist here on earth after the days of Noah…Psalms 90:10, don’t give the devil room to cut you short of “70”)

 21. Learn The Business Community (not the hustle man community, not boot leg CD, not cigarettes, not stolen goods, not drugs, but a real productive business that will enhance your community and give back, to create economics for your family, friends and neighbors that they too can merge and create jobs that all can be a part of and grow has a “Divine Community”, not a devastated community)

22. Be A Game Changer (not playstation games all day, not games towards the authorities, not games with life, but change the narrative game of life, change the environment in your community, change business as usual in your community and create a more effective way of life, not just to benefit one but all who enter in ones community)

 23. Be A Black Man of Wisdom (not foolishness, not ignorance, not stupidity, not a companion of fools, not a false teacher, but one who give answer, one who gives solution, one who gives righteous direction, one who teaches others to lead not follow)

 24. Be What GOD Created You For (not lazy and wicked, not slothful, not less than a man, not arrogant, not disrespectful, not dishonorable, not slick or sly, but an honorable Black Man, An Honorable Husband, An Honorable Brother, An Honorable Neighbor and An Honorable Citizen of The Kingdom of GOD)  

 25. Be That 24 Hour Service Man of GOD (8 Hours of Work….8 Hours of Service between Man and GOD and 8 Hours of Rest…This is the threefold position of the male “THE FOUNDATION…..THE MAN……THE HUSBAND. If you operate this position 24 Hour every day you are guaranteed to reduce any and all troubles that seeks you out “BLACK MAN”)

~ Rev. Anthony Martin ~


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